You Can Now Add This 1" Gel Memory Foam To Any Seat Purchase.

You can Just add this gel pad to your seat purchase and the gel pad will be added to the construction of your seat purchase.

The Gel Memory foam adds an additional buffering to the bumps and absorb vibration of the Road. Our Gel Foam has two densities which adds more comfort properties. Top layer is softer for a softer feel and the second layer is denser to keep you off of the pan.

The Gel Memory foam pad is put on the steel pan and then it is upholstered like it normally would be upholstered.
This Gel Memory foam Pad is a Good investment in your comfort.

  • Our High Quality Gel Memory  Foam Upgrade
  • Must be purchased when your seat is purchased.
  • Gel Memory Foam replaces the regular foam and it is inserted into your seat as it is being made.
  • Will make the seat around 1 inch thick.
  • If you want style and comfort, We highly recommend this upgrade. Great for long rides!
  • You can call us at 314-972-4305 to ask questions.
  • As always, thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs.