• Black Leather Two Up ON The Frame 2010-2022 Sportster Leather Solo Hump Seat.
  • We start with one of our steel pans. The pan has a Hump in the back of the driver's seat to hold you on the seat. The seat is ergonomically correct to provide a comfortable ride.
  • This seat sets right on the frame. It is the easiest seat we have to install. It only requires tightening a nut under the fender in the rear. It is easy to reach and tighten.
    This seat is comfortable and gives the rider a deep pocket to sit in to give a very secure feel when accelerating.
  • If you are looking for a minimal looking seat or you want a seat that puts you closer to the ground then this is the seat for you.
  • We have had 5' tall individuals say that this seat allows them to be able to ride there Sportster because it sits so low.

  • This seat is about as low as you can go.The seat measures " wide by " long.

  • We lay up and shape high density urethane closed cell foam on to the pan, to give good support and comfort and a second layer of open cell foam for more comfort.

  • The qualities of this leather are long life, and durability.
  • The shape and profile of the seat is designed to sit low, to give a slim profile.