• Bates Style Black Distressed Tuck and Roll Leather Spring Solo Seat.
  • Our Seats are made in the USA with 1/8" US Made cold rolled STEEL. 
  • The seat pan is made of 1/8" inch thick steel. This makes it a very rigid and strong seat pan, that will be able to take a lot of abuse.
  • The seat measures around 9 1/2" wide by 12 1/2" long.

    The studs in the rear are spaced 7" apart.  Custom sizes are available.  
  • The seat has a dense 1" layer of closed cell foam.
  • The P-Pad 15 x 5 1/2 " with 2" of foam and is designed to bolt right on your fender using the front fender mounting bolt and the rear fender screw on the fender.  If you are installing this p-pad on something other that a 2010 and up sportster you may have to drill holes in your fender to mount it. 
  • For questions or, something custom, call 314-972-4305
  • Thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs!