Washable Face Mask-Four Layer Fabric Cloth Mask PPE Reuse Adult Black Adjustable

Mother Road Customs

Item Number: 2559

Product Features

  • Protect health against air pollution, application of foreign contaminates.
  • Consists of 4 layers: 2, a high quality dust filter - 2 layers of none woven filter material.
  • Aluminum adjustable nose bridge that is housed under the washable leather nose patch. 
  • Prevents most of the penetration into the airways of tiny dust and other pollution waste.
  • Filtering most of odors, chemicals, gasoline odor and smoke.
  • Protect of the respiratory system, help to minimize allergic rhinitis caused by air pollutants.

User Guide

  • Put the mask neatly between the nose and chin, tie the adjustable elastic behind head to comfort and to seal around your face.
  • Then form the aluminum strap that is housed inside the leather nose strap over your nose to create a better seal.
  • Adjust nose clip for fitting the nose to ensure a better seal.


  • Store in normal conditions.
  • The mask can be washed or dried normally
  • It is best to wash after every use.
  • Not FDA approved.
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