1982-2003 Solo Seat Conversion Kit
with Black Coil Springs
Black Veg Tanned Seat
By Mother Road Customs
  •  Bolt On Spring Solo Seat Mounting Kit for the 1982-2003 Sportsters with 10x13" black veg tanned leather seat with 7" rear bolt spacing!
  • Now 1982-2003 Sportster owners can mount a spring solo seat to there bikes without modifications!
  • This kit is is 100% bolt on, and all the parts are included for mounting your new spring solo seat including a seat, p-pad and seat mounting kit.
    • The P-Pad 13"x 4 3/4" and is designed to bolt right on your  1982-2003 Sportster Harley fender using the two  fender screws in the fender.
    • The nuts and screws to mount  p-pad come with the P-pad.
  • The kit is easy to install.
  • Some that have this kit installed have said that the seat is comfortable than there stock seat because of the extra cushion provided by the springs. 
  • The kit is sturdy professionally Powder coated 1/8" steel.
  • The kit also included coil springs and necessary mounting hardware, a steel chrome plated hinge.
  • With this kit nothing is permanently changed so one can switch back to the original seat at any time 
  • Let us know if you have any questions by sending us a message or call us at 314-972-4305
  • Thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs.