About Us

Welcome to our Mother Road Customs Store. We make one-off custom and production American made leather motorcycle seats and leather saddle bags. We also fabricate American made steel motorcycle parts.  Our passion is leather motorcycle seats of all kinds and riding motorcycles.  We make motorcycle seats for all Harley Davidsons especially Sportsters.  We also make seats and mounting kits for Honda Rebels, and Indian Scouts.  Our seats can be adapted to nearly any Bobber, Chopper, Triumph, BSA or any "one-off' custom build using weld-on bungs.  

   The idea and style behind our leather work harkens back to an era when things were made of cast iron, canvas, solid woods, and leather throughout.  When things were meant to last, and they were done the old fashioned way.  Our items are made in a shop that smells of rich leather filled with sewing machines and machine tools that come from an era when computers were still science fiction.  The shop is littered with old parts, new parts ancient motorcycles and some new ones. We have built seats for bikes such as Harley Davidson, Triumph, BMW, Ducati, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Indian, and just about everything in between.    

    We are now located in our new building just off of Highway 94 in historic St. Charles Missouri about a half mile from the Missouri River and 15 miles from the confluence of the Missouri and MIssissippi Rivers.  Highway 94 is a Route 66 byway that winds through the country, following the Missouri River for over a hundred miles through many rustic small towns, past farms, vineyards, micro breweries, river bluffs, the KATY Trail bike trail, and scenery that draw motorcyclists year round.  Thus our name "Mother Road" (Route 66) is very fitting for our location, and we are proud of the name.  

    Working with and making items from leather for our family really started over 30 years ago.  Our two boys and I made wallets, checkbook covers, book covers, and other items when the boys were little.  We cut, sewed and tooled them for fun and the experience.  We then mostly gave the items away as gifts to friends and family. This experience instilled in us a life long interest in sewing, tooling and making leather goods.  When the boys grew up, they and I went to work for their uncle, who has an automotive upholstery business which is still going today. The boys also worked for several other after-market auto upholstery companies after working for their uncle.  All this experience working on stock and custom cloth, vinyl, and leather upholstery for everything from boats, airplanes, locomotives and every car make from Ford to Rolls Royce gave us the valuable skills we employ to make the finest motor cycle seats you can purchase.  These skills include not only shaping and sewing the leather and having a complete understanding of every type of leather material, but also dying, finishing, tooling, and gluing our products into beautiful and durable cycle saddles for you.

    We also make all of the steel pans and parts for our seats and other products.  We do the cutting and welding of every pan, spring plate, license plate bracket, and other products that we make and sell.  We use a CNC plasma cutter to cut our steel parts, and mig and tig welding proccesses to do the welding operations.  We also do the powder coating on all of our finished metal parts.  

    For efficiency and uniformity, we use a 20 ton clicker press to cut our leather seat shapes out.  We have a number of specialized sewing machines to produce durable and good looking stitching on our products.  We use many colors of UV resistant dyes, and clear coat to finish our products.  We also specialize in producing our Tattoo seats with cool art and lettering options.

    In short we make it easy with all of the styles, colors, finishes, and tattoo art options that we offer, to personalize a bike to your liking, with a quality, american made cycle seat that will last for many many miles of riding.