• 2007-2009 Harley Sportster Spring Solo Seat Conversion Kit 
    Copper Coil Springs
    By Mother Road Customs


    • 2007-2009 Sportster Bolt On Spring Solo Seat Mounting Kit that fits all of the Sportster 2007-2009 Sportsters. Including Nightsters, 48, 72 and Irons and more! 
    • This kit was designed and manufactured by us.  
    • Now All 2007-2009 Sportster owners can mount a spring solo seat to there bikes without modifications! 
    • This kit is is 100% bolt on, and all the parts are included for a spring solo seat mounting, except the seat. Seats can be purchase in our store. 
    • The kit is easy to install.
    • The kit is sturdy professionally Powder coated 1/8" steel. 
    • The kit also includes all of the necessary mounting hardware. 
    • The spring bolts are 7" on center. 
    • There are two rubbers on the bottom of the kit to protect your frame. 
    • With this kit nothing is permanently changed so one can switch back to the original seat at any time. 
    •  Seats are sold separately. You can purchase just about any of our to go on this kit but most buy the 10x13", 11x14", 12x13" and 15x14" Tractor range seats for this kit. 
    • Let us know if you have any questions by sending us a message or call us at 314-972-4305. 
    • Thank you for shopping at Mother Road Customs.