2006-2017 Solo Seat Conversion Kit with Chrome 2" Coil Springs
By Mother Road Customs
This is our new Second Generation Long Reach Dyna, Bolt On Spring Solo Seat Mounting Kit for the 2006-2016 Dyna Models! 
  • This listing is for the Mounting kit only. 
  • This kit was designed and manufactured by Mother Road Customs. 
  • Now 2006-2017 Dyna owners can mount a spring solo seat to there bikes without modifications! 
  • This kit is is 100% bolt on and very easy to install. and all the parts are included for a spring solo seat mounting, except the seat.
  • You can chose any seat you would like to go on this kit. They all will fit. The choice is up to you.
  • With this kit nothing is permanently changed so one can switch back to the original seat at any time. 
  • The mounting kit it is installed using the gas tank bolt and a nut and bolt that attaches using the hole in the frame at the rear of the kit 
  • The kit comes with a super heavy duty steel hinge. 
  • The kit also includes springs and all of the necessary mounting hardware. 
  • The kit is sturdy professionally Powder coated 1/8" steel. 
  • Our first generation Dyna spring kit is a great kit but some riders need more leg room on the Dyna so we designed this kit to sit the rider back further to accommodate this. 
  • If you have any questions sending us a message or call us at 314-972-4305
  • Thanks for shopping Mother Road Customs.