Brown Distressed Leather Seat with Solid Stainless Rivets.


Manufactured and Made in The USA.


Mother Road Customs has extensive knowledge and  experience in Motorcycle Seating.


If you are thinking of buying a new seat and seat mounting  system and find yourself puzzled by all the options and sellers,  don’t worry because we can help you to make the best and most informed decision to suit you. Wondering how your specific needs can be met by our Seats and Seat mounting kits? If your answer is yes then this Seat and Seat mounting kit Buying Guide is designed just for you.


 What is The Purpose of a Spring Solo Seat?


The purpose of a Spring solo seat is, First it has that old school look.


The second reason is the Springs add an additional cushion and buffering to the bumps and vibration of the road.


Some customers that have installed this kit have said that the spring solo seat is more comfortable than the stock seat because of the cushion provided by the springs.


We offer kits and seat and kit sets with coil springs or hair pin springs in other listings.


Searching for a Seat and Seat mounting kit is complicated by the many choices available. It is not possible to go into every parts store to try them out. So information is you best option.

Why Choose

Mother Road Customs?

Mother Road Customs has reduced costs by minimizing overhead. We sell direct to you through eBay and our web site. We deliver your seats and mounting hardware products direct to your door. Along with this we offer a range of products to suit all budgets.

Our American made Top Grain Leather seats are priced to be competitive with imported products. When most Motorcycle Riders want to customize their bikes, they want to improve there bikes with quality American made parts.


Our seats and kits are made in the USA with 1/8” US made cold rolled Steel. No Aluminum is used in this kit anywhere! No Aluminum pans.

Our seats are covered with top grain leathers.  Much of the leather used in making our seats are made in the USA and then processed by us. 

This seat is covered with Antique Brown Oak Leaf Machine embossed top grain cow hide.

The bottom of the seat is also covered with USA Made veg tanned tooling leather. 

The pan measures 11" wide by 13 1/2"" long.  The studs in the rear are spaced 7" apart.  Custom sizes are available.  

We use closed cell neoprene foam on my seats. Closed cell means that the foam is made up of many micro pockets of air. This provides better cushioning than open cell foam because open cell foam lets the rider bottom out. This allows me to be able to give the seat a more slim profile.

You can call 314-972-4305 to ask questions, or to make a payment over the phone. We accept most major credit cards.

As always, thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs!