•  Black leather tuck and roll stitched 5x10" matching P-Pad. It is styled after the old bates seat.
  • Nothing beats leather for comfort..  
  • The pan is made of 16 gauge steel. This makes it a very rigid and strong seat pan, that will be able to take a lot of abuse.
  • The fender pad measures 5" wide by 10" long.  The studs in the rear are spaced 7" apart.  Custom sizes are available.  We can offer custom sizing. 
  • We use closed cell neoprene foam on our seats. Closed cell means that the foam is made up of many micro pockets of air. This provides better cushioning than open cell foam because open cell foam lets the rider bottom out. 
  • You can call us at 314-972-4305 to ask questions.
  • As always, thanks for shopping at Mother Road Customs, Where quality and craftsmanship come first.